Behind The Scenes with Velvet Dust

I love staying in the know on what’s trending in the world of fashion blogs, and have found my new fav! It’s called Velvet Dust, which reminds me of a My Little Pony, and pleease believe…that’s a really good thing!

I thought it might be fun for you to tag along from start to finish on this project, so I put together a couple of “Behind The Scenes” shots taken from a shoot I did with them last week. The team I worked with is packed with passionate creative bad asses….Avery Allen Makeup, Paige Newton Photography and Jessica Thompson, stylist.

Here is what I started with…


I had a vision of what I wanted, but had never met the model, so was not sure of her hair type!!! I started by spraying a TON of Bumble and Bumble “Does It All” hairspray. Then gathered a half ponytail and secured it on the side of her head, and began the tease!


Once the pony was teased, I grabbed a couple bobby pins and rolled pieces and pinned into a bun shape! Next step was creating massive texture on her super straight hair. Time to pull out the magic wand….


I took small sections and turned the heat to the highest setting.  (Don’t leave on hair for too long with a high heat setting!!)


Ok, so…look #1finished. Three to go. Generally, I have an idea of what I want to do, but honestly, I completely wung (is that a word??) it. Look #2 came from brushing out some of the waves, gathering all the hair behind the ears into a super messy top knot and creating a braided headband.


To make the braided headband take a thick portion of hair from just behind, or near the back of the ear. Braid and pin on the other side of the head. Do the same thing on the opposite side and pin to create a double braided headband! Tease the top portion and pin. I literally just pinned where it looked good and tried to create as much volume as possible!!!


Look #3…took all the hair down. I was wanting to do a braid…but not a braid. Typical creative thought, right. Ha. I ended up taking two small pieces and tying a knot. Then just moving down the head. More knots. This is when you are just trying it out, and then you step back and think….cool! That worked, phew 🙂


And since flowers make everything better….



The final look was not about the hair…so literally, I just took it out and sprawled it, and sprinkled with flowers!!!


Hope you enjoyed a quick look at this awesome project! Stay tuned to for more.

Xoxo, M

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