Since I changed my career, I cannot tell you how happy and fulfilled it has made me!  I get to go to work, and make people feel beautiful.  Everyday offers a new challenge, and working with brides can sometimes add pressure for perfection.  Let’s be honest, no one is perfect, and striving for that can sometimes be silly, especially when it comes to beauty.  The most beautiful things are imperfect.  I’ve done so many weddings this year, and each bride has different expectations. I can sometimes feel the anticipation grow as I’m beginning to pin the hair into place.  They are examining themselves and then, of course, comparing it to the pinterest photo that is on their phone. I’ve learned, that it will never be exact, but I always have the biggest sense of accomplishment when the bride looks into the mirror and sees HER version of perfect wedding hair.  This particular bride, Alicia, was SO beautiful and wonderful to work with.  She had such an approachable glamour about her, that I just had to share her photos (done by Andy Sams Photography).  Cheers,



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