Cyndi Cyndi and David Married-186


Cyndi wanted to be sure her makeup was clean and photographed well.  I loved working with her flawless skin, and enhancing her beautiful eyes! We opted for an easy and flowing side swept, but pinned hair style.


Here’s what Cyndi had to say on

“Michelle is amazing!  I found her on Yelp after scouring for a good hairstylist and MUA for my wedding that was in my budget, and Michelle exceeded my expectations.

As someone who isn’t from Austin and didn’t have the resources for a trial run, I was a little apprehensive about how the day-of would go.  Luckily, Michelle is used to this, and made sure to keep in contact with me in the days leading up to my wedding to ask about my makeup and hair preferences, and my overall aesthetic goals.

On the big day, Michelle was prompt, professional, and flexible with what I and my wedding party wanted.  Something I really loved about her is that she periodically asked me during application what I normally liked to wear in the way of makeup, so I could just accentuate my features rather than cover them up!  She really does listen to what the bride wants, and is there to make YOU happy with her services, while keeping in mind what will photograph well, etc.

As for the results, they spoke for themselves.  I was thrilled with my look on my wedding day, and everyone else was too!  I can’t recommend Michelle enough.”



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