A trial run for hair and makeup is a great idea for the bride that likes to have a firm plan in place, and a visual for exactly how the style of the big day may turn out.  Often times, I think it is more of a chance for clients to get to know the vendor, than it is for the style of the hair.  It is so helpful to know that they can in fact achieve the style that you want (or come pretty darn close). But sometimes it becomes even more important to know that the person that you are hiring to be close with you for over an hour on your special day is someone that you actually enjoy being around.  While both are important, I think that there are a few things that you can do to make sure you get the most out of your trial run:

  1. Pictures: Bring in pictures of a couple of different types of hair and/or makeup that you like.  Some pictures may be of styles that your hair is just not capable of doing, so it’s best to be prepared with a few options.
  2. Head Pieces: Pack your veil, hair piece or anything that you are contemplating wearing.  It is helpful to see it in the style that you choose so that you can get the full effect.
  3. Hair: Consult with your stylist on if she’d like your hair to be clean or dirty.
  4. Snap Snap: Take pictures of each look from a few angles so that you can go back and decide what you feel most comfortable in.
  5. Jewels: Pack the earrings or necklace that you are going to wear (or are considering wearing). It’s not necessary, but it’s fun to put them on to see how it all comes together!

In the case of Linda, I could tell right away that I loved her vibe. But, I had to laugh, because what seems to be happening more and more frequently is this….We did a style on her trial run….then comes wedding day, and her hair curled differently (in a gorgeously different type of way) and our style was not even what we practiced! We were both thrilled with how this side swept, romantic style turned out. With the touch of greenery, and a beautiful bridesmaids full ‘o braids – this wedding, photographed by the amazing Bradford Martens, turned out to be absolutely stunning.

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