Bonny Su,  Medical Student – 2/3/15

Michelle did my hair on my wedding day and I absolutely LOVED it.  I did a trial run with her a couple of weeks before the wedding and I loved her energy and felt like she truly listened to what I wanted. I’m always pretty nervous with people doing my hair since I have pretty flat and thin hair, but Michelle transformed my hair and helped me look and feel beautiful all day. My bridesmaids and mom looked absolutely beautiful too.  Every single bridesmaid who had their hair done by Michelle and her assistant Kaylee could not say enough good things about how their hair turned out. My wedding day was seriously the most romantic, magical, and perfect day for us and I could not have been happier with choosing Michelle to do my hair!

Sally Dowd, Nurse – 7/7/2014

I am hesitant to put makeup on myself so when I was in search of a hair and makeup artist for my wedding anxiety immediately set in.  I searched high and low to find someone and came across an array of great reviews for Michelle so I figured I would give it a try.  Let me tell you…I love her!  I had a trial done a few weeks before the wedding and she was so patient during the process.  The day of the wedding came and she made me feel relaxed and  beautiful.  She also did my mom’s hair and makeup and a few bridesmaids.  She made a bunch of Jersey women very happy and let me tell you that is a difficult feat.  I also have gotten my haircut by her and it was by far the best I have had in Austin.  So happy I found her!

Erica Brennes, KEYE TV Traffic Reporter – 9/25/14

It’s hard to find someone to give you just the right shade of blonde, but thankfully I found Michelle.  She also did my hair and makeup on my wedding day and I absolutely loved it! Michelle is not only super talented, but just good peeps. I highly recommend her!

Brittany, Owner of Birch & Brass Rentals, 2/6/2014

I’m so glad I trusted the reviews on here and started going to Michelle about 6 months ago when I first moved here to Austin. Not only is she very talented, but she’s also entertaining to talk to when you’re sitting there for a few hours. Michelle has helped get my grown-out ombre disastrous hair back to a normal shade without roots down to my ears. She doesn’t cut off 6 inches of your hair when you ask for a trim (I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that my hair is still long when I leave the salon). My hair is very finicky when it comes to color- it loves to absorb it and goes dark very easily, but Michelle has always made it look great. Blonde, brunette, it doesn’t matter. Michelle will make your hair beautiful!

Kate Baldwin 4/30/2013

Michelle did an INCREDIBLE job on my hair and makeup for my wedding.  We actually met randomly at a Starbucks.  She come up to me while I was complaining about getting jerked around by some of the other hair and makeup people in Austin.  We chatted a little and exchanged emails and then we set up a trial run for the next week.  During the trial Michelle was awesome, she listened to what I wanted and also added her input.  She was completely honest with me and I loved that.  I looked amazing and hired her that day.  On my wedding day, we had a great time.  She was so friendly and was so awesome with my wedding party.  She did not only my makeup and hair, but my little 10 year old sister, my maid of honor, my mother-in-law and also my stepmothers.   We all never looked better.   All night people were complimenting us on our hair and makeup and it lasted the whole evening.   I still looked the same at the end of the night!!!  I loved working with Michelle and would recommend her to anyone who needed their hair and makeup for a special event.

Adrian Engelken, Bridal Client {Hair} – October 2012

I felt SO beautiful all night!  It was so great working with you, you made us all so comfortable…. not “different” in any way… and I so appreciate that. People told me it would be be risky getting married in texas and finding vendors who would “understand” or not “mind” that savannah and I were two women… but you love who you love… and I am so in love…. And then to hear you want to post our photos in some capacity… it’s an honor, seriously….. so thank YOU! 

Brie Newton, Bridal Client {Hair} – September 2012

I am sharing your contact info with Whitney and the Barr Mansion because you were AMAZING!!  We got so many compliments and I LOVED my hair.  Did I tell you I wore it all the next day – even after a nap AND when I woke up the next morning it didn’t look half bad so I wore it until lunch… you’re awesome!

Whitney Garrett, Bridal Client {Hair}-October 2012

Good morning!    I do want to tell you I got so many complements on my hair that day! Thank you!

Kei Morimoto, Bridal Client {Hair + Makeup}- October 2012

My make up was also really, really pretty all day.  My skin looked and felt very soft.   You did such a great job and were such a pleasure to work with!  Thank you!

Christy Childers, People Connector, Aerotek – 11/24/12

I’d been going to the same stylist in my hometown for years and was reluctant to change but now that I’ve been living in Austin for three years, I’m so glad I decided to have Michelle Weber do my hair! She has been my stylist twice now and has done a fantastic job both times and I can’t her thank her enough. She listens to what I have to say but also offers suggestions which I can appreciate. She is also super friendly and a blast to hang out with for an hour so I love going to get my hair done and it’s not another one of those items you “need to do” but actually look forward to going! I pay a little more than I was used to, (I’m from a small town and was spoiled),  but you also get what you pay for and I’ve unfortunately learned my lesson with other salons and can say that Michelle is well worth it! The rest of the staff is also very friendly and helpful so the salon just has a genuinely good vibe and atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back again for another great experience!!

Gigi Mao, Yoga Instructor, Black Swan – 12/18/12

Hi Michelle, I’m loving the new color! It was definitely noticeable and I got a bunch of compliments at the wedding I went to on Sunday.  Thank you for your magic hands.  Hope you have a great holiday too! I’ll see you in the new year.

Lara Rinier, Business Development Manager, Travelzoo – 11/5/2012

Historically I am a vagabond when it comes to stylists. I’m very picky especially with my hair color. Michelle takes the time to be a consultant. She wants to learn exactly what you want and will do just about anything to ensure you are 100% satisfied. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants you to feel beautiful when you walk out the salon!  She is a doll and is so fun to chat with she makes you feel at home. It’s always a fun experience! I recommend her to all my friends. Oh and she is a great makeup artist as well!

Terra Yeske, Owner – 512 Skincare – 2/27/12

Let me start off by saying I’m a creature of habit so moving to a different stylist isn’t something I normally enjoy. I have gone to the same person for 9 years and the thought of starting over with somebody new is painful to say the least. UNTIL I found Michelle- she is amazing!! Really! I am very picky when it comes to getting color and a cut and she knew exactly what to do to make me feel comfortable. Before the scissor came my way she asked questions and made suggestions to ensure she had a complete understanding of what I wanted. She is very personable, she has a great understanding of what looks good and what doesn’t and I appreciate her attention to detail. I should have switched to her a long time ago. Thank you Michelle for making this switch an easy one! Me and my hair THANK YOU! I will see you in 6 weeks. Now I’m tempted to have her do my makeup so I can learn some new techniques. She’s awesome!

Shanna Anderson, Vice President of Sales / Leland International – 2/17/12

5 stars!  Michelle is really talented and very in tune with current styles and trends.  She’s great at making hair and makeup suggestions to compliment your personal style so the end results are flattering for your own look.  Highly professional but also makes you feel comfortable and at ease while she’s working- a great all around experience and I’d recommend her to anyone!

Clare Atkinson, Medical Sales Representative – 2/15/12

What a GREAT experience! I hired Michelle to do my hair and make up for my engagement photos and could not have been more pleased!  We even did a hair cut beforehand as well.  What I appreciated most about Michelle was the fact that she listened to what I wanted and didn’t just do some blanket look on me.  She took the time to listen and delivered something that I loved.  Not only did she do a good job but the experience was fun as well!  I highly recommend her services whether you are looking for a simple hair cut or have an event you want to look amazing for….which is why she will be there on my wedding day!

Grayson Brooks, Financial Advisor – 2/14/12

Michelle is a fantastic hair stylist! She listens to what you want and is easy to talk to. My hair looked and felt great after getting it cut. I have recommended her to all of my friends. I’ve seen what she can do with hair and makeup for photo shoots and its amazing! I would love to have her doll me up one time for a special night 🙂

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